If you are looking for the best free VPN for Torrenting then you must know that Torrenting without VPN is not safe. While using Torrents any third party have an eye on you and can steal your personal data without knowing you. So if you want extra layer shield while torrenting then you have to go with strong security VPN which help you to go hide while you are online.

Hide.me VPN offers both free and paid subscription for their users, although the free version has a 2GB bandwidth cap and you can use their subscription on only one device. With their VPN software, you can choose from a wide variety of protocols, most famous of them is OpenVPN, which has become industry standard.Another plus of theirs is the use of bank security grade 256-bit AES encryption A dedicated Hide.me proxy is great for torrenting. And the vast choice of features will satisfy advanced users. However, is Hide.me worth the price? Can it compete with the industry leaders when it comes to speed and stability of the connection? We’ve tested Hide.me thoroughly to see if its strong points outweigh the drawbacks Hide.me est réputé pour sa vitesse, sa sécurité et sa transparence.Il ne garde pas de logs, ce qui rend son VPN très fiable. Et avec ses applis pour la plupart des plateformes majeures, il est devenu un incontournable pour des millions d’utilisateurs. Hide.me is a VPN service based at Malaysia and available at a pricey $5.41/month cost. It has 1400 servers that allow torrenting but don't enable users access US Netflix.


Hide.me supports torrenting but does not work with Netflix. It offers 24/7 technical support to the free as well as paid users. Likewise, it boasts ad-free browsing. IP address. Learn how to hide your IP, secure your browsing experience. Why should I hide my IP? Do I need to hide my IP when torrenting? chevron. Can You Use BitTorrent or P2P with Hide.me? How Fast is Hide.me's 


Hide.me’s consistent speeds, strong security, and safe privacy policy appear to make it a good choice for torrenting. However, though the VPN permits P2P activity on the majority of its servers, we encountered some issues with the VPN kill switch that may put your data at risk.